Explanation Por Favor



Help me understand.


How can Zoe's teacher teach about rocks and minerals and do such a great job that Zoe comes home and talks about rocks and minerals all day long to any listening ear, and is overjoyed by an upcoming rocks and minerals project that involves her first hand written report..... How can a teacher make rocks and minerals more exciting than Junie B Jones, so when Zoe visits the public library the only books she will check out are books on, you guessed it, rocks and minerals. Even she wanted to go to the counter and ask the librarians about rocks and minerals.


Then, here is where I am confused, after the teacher teaches my little girl about rocks and minerals in a way that Zoe falls deeply in love with rocks and minerals, the teacher catches my little Zoe with a pocket full of rocks after reccess. (And rocks are not easy to find in these here parts.) The teacher fusses at her and makes her dump all her rocks out of her pockets in front of the class, leave them outside, and tells her to not do that again.


What am I missing?


Mel said...

Logic is HIGHLY over-rated.

Sister Black said...

oh, for pete's sake!

dar said...

sounds like the teacher needs a teaching moment

Homer and Queen said...

Yeah...I'd be calling her...

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh my goodness, have I missed this many posts?


Can you just stop posting until I get settled! Por favor!

And I'm going to Kung Fu Panda kick Zoe's teacher.