Never Say Never

Oh mercy. I've done something I swore I'd never do.
You may already know by now because you probably hear it. I put music on my blog!
Yay for me, but is it a yay for you? Not unless you like what I like.
That's always been my issue. Because I've been to your blog and I've turned off your music or turned down my speakers. I am very picky about my music. If I don't like it, it's just noise to me. Most especially (in case you were wondering) country, music where the singer yells or screams at me, music that's heavy on the electric guitar, techno (heck no techno!), and Duran Duran.
(However there is someones music I always leave on because she's got pretty good taste. I won't give names, but it starts with a C and ends with a rash. )
Actually she's the one that influenced me to add music to my blog. The past two days I have scrubbed my house to her music and I thought, "This is FUN! And oh, how I wish I had all MY favorites to scrub to! Too bad I don't do iPods and such!" Then I felt a tad guilty because I was using her for her blogs music, and it's never nice to use people, people.
And then it came to me. And so here it is.
I feel a little nekkid, opening my musical heart to you all. Like you might judge me for what I like. But this is it and I've decided that I own it. This IS what I love. Every bit of it.
While I'm at it- Let it be known that I fully expect that one day, over the rainbow, Bruddah Iz and I will sing together in perfect harmony because he said dreams do come true, and that's mine.


The Crash Test Dummy said...

First of all I can't believe I end with a rash. That is soooo typical. And that explains so very much.

Second of all, YAY! I totally love your music taste too. Especially St. Elmo's Fire theme. We are 2 peas in a pod.

And this is YOUR blog so who cares if some turn it off. No skin of your teeth, or theirs.

Mostly because teeth doesn't have skin.

April said...

LOVE IT! Keep playing that FUNKY MUSIC!!!

aniC said...

oh great, another blog i have to mute.


but it does cause problems when i'm already listening to music on the computer and then all of a sudden there are 2 songs playing at the same time.

at least you have decent music taste.

dar said...

ok, I can handle this. although I admit, I have muted my computer for some people's blogs

mom said...

i mute all blogs...i can no longer even walk and chew gum. but that's just me in my elderly state (:

Mel said...

What music? Blogs have music? Really? Computers play music? Really? when did all this happen?