Just Beat It!

When Michael Jackson died, I was camping. Twenty years from now I will remember where I was when Michael Jackson died and how I was the last to know.
For the two weeks after that, I was away from the TV.
Apparently that was a good thing because when I got back, there were comments abound about "real heroes", so I reckon the mourning was confused with worship and the media probably fueled that fire with 24/7 MJ coverage. Am I right?
Well I for one haven't worshipped Michael Jackson since 1984.
But there was a little karaoke in his honor this summer.

Because while not idolizing Michael, I did love his artistry.


dar said...

you go girl

mom said...

my fave is still thriller

I am LoW said...

That's my favorite video FOR SURE! Probably not just of his but off all I've ever seen.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

I haven't worshipped him since 1984 either. Maybe 1985. And yes, it was 24/7 coverage that got all confused with heroes. Nonstop insanity. That's what it was. And poor Farrah Fawcett.

You were lucky to be away.