A Bedtime Story {with pictures!}

True story:

Once upon a time a young girl at the age of 17- (ish) worked at a video store.

This was a real video store. We are talking- VHS, pre-DVD days, babe-y. Back when- if you were kind, you would rewind.

This young girl worked there all. alone.

.All alone, with the VHS's and a gumball machine and rarely a customer.


This made for a very lonely LoW.

(you did know the young girl was me, didn't you?)


Loneliness {aka boredom} and LoW never mixed.


As a matter of fact, it spelled trouble. {it still does}


Or something like that.....


So LoW found herself getting a piece of gum from the gumball machine.


And then another....


and another...

Then she had this brilliant idea of seeing how many pieces of gum she could chew at once.
It was a beautiful sight.
{not really}

As LoW had this enormous wad of gum that didn't exactly fit in her mouth but made for a huge big wet sticky mess....

In walked her future husband-

He said, "Hey baby, watcha' doin?"
Or could it of been, "What in THE world are you DOING?" Or something like that.
To which LoW replied an inaudible-


With gumball colored saliva spilling out of her mouth.


Moral of the story is....


Never bite off more than...



Idle hands...



Maybe something like, "If he loves you, he loves you. Even though."


*Gumball Machine, VHS and Video store pictures from google image

*Cartoon images from Moi.


dar said...

that was a slightly cute and kinda gross story.
hey, I had no idea you worked at a video store

I am LoW said...

True stories can be gross. :)

I did. It was Bro Cobb's. I showed up one day and they had closed it though, and didn't tell me. Which was okay by me... as I said, I didn't like working by myself. :)

Carrie Maseda said...

I think the men that love their women no matter what are the best men around! You gotta have someone to love you even when you're crazy; I know I sure needed that! :)

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

Oh my goodness, I loooooooooooove your blog!!! That story is hilarious!!!

aniC said...

i think the moral of the story is don't work at video stores by yourself that have gum ball machines. i know i sure as heck won't now.

Sister Black said...

when bored...be inventive, right?

(and you know you're loved when he even loves your colored slobber!)