I waited tables years ago with a hilarious group of servers. One guy, after hearing it was someones birthday, would get on bended knee and sing to the birthday boy or girl... a solo.... very loud and proud.


He wasn't a singer, he knew that (although he wasn't bad) so it was just for fun and the comedic effect. But I remember this elderly gentleman that I was serving telling me that he used to sing for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and that guy that just sang doesn't know what he's doing.


It's sad when people miss good fun.


And so with that, I share with you my son, who also knows he's not a singer (although he's not that bad) but does it for fun; for the comedic effect.

Untitled from(did you see him searching the heavens for his next line? hehe)

LoW oBut really, why??? Vimeo.


mom said...

hahahaha! very funny nolan!

Carrie Maseda said...

Thanks for the laugh! I don't know how you ever keep a straight face with Nolan around! :)