Happy UNbirthday!!

Another wonderful event that happened recently is my sister had a
Surprise UNbirthday Partay.
Surprise UNbirthday Parties are the easiest to pull off, just so you know.... if you are in need to throw a Surprise UNbirthday Partay.
This picture, with my sister tilting her head to the side, it's so her.

See this innocent smile? Don't be fooled. After all, she is the boyfriend stealing sister.

Happy UNbirthday again, my favorite older sister!!!
Hope it was a good one and that you have many more UNbirthday partays!
By the way, my unbirthday wish is that you won't mind that I posted these pictures of you.


dar said...

hmmm... should I be upset about posting these pics or that you still call me a boyfriend stealing sister?

mom said...

i think our family might be building a reputation as the "most unbirthday celebrating family in america"! i think we're pretty good at it.