Running Away from Home

When I was a little kid... and a kinda big kid, I would get mad and pretend I was running away from home. But instead of leaving I would slyly slip into the car so I would have a visual of the front door. This way I would see everyone panic and come looking for me.

Except nobody ever did.


I can now look back and imagine that a) I wasn't in the car long enough to test every one's love for me and b) maybe they knew where I was.


Last night I thought about those days, about figuratively "running away" and "hiding somewhere" to see if anyone would come looking. (but you guys do realize I don't really mean run away and hiding, right?)

(although I really don't know what I am trying to say here)


But then I thought about how I wouldn't want anyone to come looking for real, or at least not to find me- because then they would want to talk to me and do you know what?

They would say all the wrong things!!

They really would. Can anyone ever really say the right thing when things stink that bad?
Man, this post is a bummer!
But on a lighter note, tomorrow I get a root canal!
And I am working on a post about hot bald men. Ting!
Update: I told Gary about this post, as best as I could.
He promised that he'd come looking for me if I do run
away. He said he's going to check the car first.



mom said...

oh, lorinda...don't you know? moms can never "get lost". kids have a built-in "mom-dar" and they find you every time. but i AM sorry that you feel like you'd like to run away...and i'm thankful you have a hubby that will come looking for you if you do (0:

Sandi said...

Hmm..can't wait for the hot bald guy post :) I never ran away but am considering it now. I will try not to feel bad if nobody comes looking for me!

dar said...

hmmmm... I wonder if I'm suppose to ask if something is wrong and is there anything I can do to help. but then, I might say the wrong thing

I am LoW said...

Ma- I'm not talking about running away from kids.... just running away. :)

Sandi- I'll bring the hot bald men post as soon as I can! :-D

Dar- No, you WILL say something wrong. Didn't you read this part- "They would say all the wrong things!!They really would. Can anyone ever really say the right thing when things stink that bad?"

Homer and Queen said...

I'll come looking for you as long as no one comes and looks for me while I am looking for you!

aniC said...


The Crash Test Dummy said...

hee hee hee What a super cute/sweetly sad post. You are such a cutie.

I used to pretend to run away a lot too. And no one ever came looking for me. And you're so right about them saying all the wrong things now.


I hope you feel better soon. LY

And sorry I was away all week. I've decided May is worse than December.

I leave for NY/DC next week so I'll be absent again. sigh. But I missed you most.

I am LoW said...

Crash- just be sure to leave my secret message in DC somewhere, b/c I'm going to be looking for it!! And that's all I need to feel better! :)