A FYI for YOU (and a hint at a Giveaway)

So next week, I am going camping.
Have you ever seen me camping? Nolan captured the reality of me camping quite well a couple of years ago, with the art medium called crayons.


Regardless, I think I am still a

due to the fact that I go with an amazing group of people.


.While I am away, I asked that my sister step in for me. But not just to be a regular old guest-filler-in blogger person, but to also take on a little challenge.


.I challenged and she accepted.


.How cool is that?


.So next week (starting Tuesday) I will have some photo's saved that are waiting to be blogged about, her challenge is to blog about the photo's of my choosing. She has no idea what they are.


I'm feeling a little....hmmm, shall I say mischievous and giddy about it? I'm quite anxious for her surprise in seeing the photo's (wish I could see her reaction) and to read her posts.


And there might be a giveaway going on all the while too. So come back for that too folks!


Natalie said...

Have a great time camping! That picture is hilarious.

What a cool challenge for your sister..sounds like lots of fun!

I am LoW said...

My Nolan has produced all sorts of art work that picks on people. :)He's nice that way. And I do hope my sister has a lot of fun... :)

Homer and Queen said...

I'm guessing girl's camp so have fun and ya gotta love YW!!!

Make them slave for you!!!

Beth said...

Have fun at girls camp!!! We drove past a van heading to camp (or from camp I guess) today painted all over the windows. Oh, how I miss girls camp. Good luck with the bugs!!!