A CANtastic CANsolidator!

(and a giveaway is coming!!!)


I've recently become quite passionate about food storage. All the ways of storing food. Have you clicked on the big booty to the left? Because I share one way of storing food there. But in reality, it can't be the only way..

Storing canned goods can become time consuming and overwhelming. It can make one wish they'd worked as a stocker at their local grocery store for the experience of rotating, know what I'm sayin'?


It sure would be nice if someone invented something that you could just drop your can in a slot and the cans rotated themselves.....


Oh I'm just being silly- it already exists!!! Shelf Reliance has awesome Food Rotation Systems. I recently got my hands on the CANsolidator Pantry and love it! It was a snap to put together.... no really, you just snap it together! The CANsolidator Series can be stacked and expanded as needed and YOU can win one by entering on my blog!


But not yet, the Giveaway will begin Monday, so come back and read the rules and find out how you can enter to win.


In the meantime, enjoy this short video of what my camera caught my kids doing with our new CANsolidator. .

Can you believe you might win one of those sweet CANsolidators?


CAN you dig it?!?!


See ya Monday!


dar said...

wow, I bought one of these things last year at costco and didn't realize I had such a treasure

mom said...

do you have any idea where i could win about 30 of these? i'm a lot of things...but a good "rotater" isn't one of them.

I am LoW said...

No comment on the wonderful video guys?!?!?!

And seriously, I forgot that Nolan had a dimple!! I am not kidding, I uploaded the video and watched and was like, "Whoa! Where did that dimple come from?!?!?!"