from the camera of LoW and the mouth of aniC #4: boring

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so here it is. my last guest challenge blogging entry. it's been fun. but i'm a little upset about this last one. you see, the challenge was she'd post pictures and i'd blog about them. not videos! but here it is, a video. i should get extra points for doing this! i should win something. i just don't know what. but once i figure it out, i'll let you all know.

so often times i try to convince people that i'm totally awesome, and totally fun, and totally un-boring. i try so hard. but the truth of the matter is that i'm uber boring. uber uber boring. and often times people will ask me "aniC, just how boring are you?"

to which i say, "i'm SO boring, that little zoe, who can find fun in anything is immediately put to sleep out of boredom just by being in my presence."

Untitled from LoW on Vimeo.

so...how boring are you?


Homer and Queen said...

I am very boring...and I do think you should win something! So I am going to give you my firstborn!

P.S. No give-backs!!!!

Mel said...

where are you?

The Crash Test Dummy said...

At least you're cute.

I love boring people. I'm super boring too!