from the camera of LoW and the mouth of aniC #3: love letters

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heeeeey. it's me, aniC here. back for another day of challenge blogging while LoW is away. just joining us? click here to see what's going on.

so as some of you may know LoW and i have a sister love that runs deep. its hard for us (or i guess i should just speak for myself...) it's hard for me to be so far away from her...and her family too. so sometimes i draw her pictures and mail them to express my love for her. one of my favorite hobbies is drawing pictures and writing messages to her and others.

practice makes perfect, and i've done so many of them, i think i'm getting pretty good. aside from the fact that LoW's hair is actually nowhere near blond, and garys hair is nowhere near existence.

write a love letter and pictures to someone you love today.

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