When Accidents = Cool

I've always loved photography.

I know nothing of it, but I love it.

Did you know that was possible?

My philosophy is, take a bajillion photos and you will get some good ones.

And it's worked for me. I take a lot, and on occasion I am wowed.

Yesterday I, of course, brought my camera to the beach. Somehow, while in my beach bag, the camera must have rub-a-dubbed with the beach towels and the setting on my camera changed from auto, where I keep it, to 2. What is 2? All I know is it changes the shutter speed to 60. That's what I read anyways.

So I took a few pictures with the setting on 2 but didn't know it because the sun was so bright, I couldn't see anything on the screen.

But look at what I got from that-

I love this accident! I love how green the little bit of grass looks.

And this one.

On the way to the beach we saw a container ship along side us on the river, shortly after we arrived it had entered the ocean. Gary wanted a photo and took this.

It was about then, while under the boardwalk, that we noticed how the pictures were turning out and I noticed the setting. Woops!

That's better!

Or is it?

Gary sent me a message via the beach and his big toe.

Does your husband send you love notes written by his toe???

Check out this picture I took by accident years ago, where accident means I just meant to take pictures of the kids at the Children's Museum in Utah and had no idea the lighting would turn out to my benefit.

Nolan's (wittle) face is perfect!

Good picture, but not the same.

And this one just shows how easily entertained I am. I took this picture the day Zoe was Baptized and thought nothing of it, but when I loaded it onto my computer and saw that I caught Naomi's shoe in mid-air after kicking the ball, I got a kick out of that.

But this cool picture, of candy in mid-air, was on purpose.

And I am pretty proud of it.

I reckon, on occasion, I get cool pictures on purpose.

But not often.


Homer and Queen said...

I know! That happens to me too. Great pics!

I am LoW said...

Thanks!! :-)

The Crash Test Dummy said...

AWESOMe!!!! I love the pics. And the love note with the toe.

No, my hub never sends me love notes with the toes.

Christina said...

You are an awesome photographer, girlfriend!

dar said...

for someone who isn't a photog, you take some pretty cool looking pics