You've Got a Friend

I am so glad Carried heard what I heard. Or else you guys wouldn't believe me, would you?

You just call out my name,

And you know whereever I am,

I'll come running, oh yeah baby

To see you again.

Winter, spring, summer, or fall,

All you have to do is call

And I'll be there, yeah, yeah, yeah.

You've got a friend.

It was hard to leave my friend, the beach. The peace, the warmth, the prefect breeze, the sunshine.

Oh the peace, did I mention peace? Certain topics were off limits to discuss with Gary. This was about leaving worries behind. I needed this today.

Do you remember back when you could buy little machines that you listen to sounds of nature, like rain and tunderstorms and the jungle and the ocean? We so had one. Gary so had it set on the ocean sound.

I wonder if the beach will call out my name tomorrow too....

I'll come running, oh yeah baby, to see you again.


mom said...

lol!!! that's totally the song i was thinking...i almost looked up the words to post it!

lucky duck!

dar said...

wow, you guys practically had the whole place to yourselves too

The Crash Test Dummy said...

I LOVE that song. It's got sentimental meaning for me.

And the beach was calling out my name yesterday. Oh my goodness, it was glorious, LoW. You and Gary need to come running out here ASAP. It's FANTASTIC!!!!!!

I am LoW said...

Ma- haha

Dar- we did, for a while, But can you believe, shortly after I took the video, a family came and parked themselves RIGHT by us. I was all, "Whaaaat??? All this space and you are unloading HERE?"

Crash- Sentimental for me too. It's me and my wittle baby sister AniC's song. :-D What? Is you beach calling my name too??? Oh, I just might need to come running!

aniC said...

i clicked to post a comment, now i can't remember what i was going to say...
i have issues. maybe i'll be back later if i remember.

aniC said...

i remembered!!! i have one of those little machines in little j.t.'s room to drown out noise when he's sleeping. i have it set on "waterfall" which pretty much just sounds like radio fuzz. but i do enjoy the ocean setting too.