Same but Different

This time last year our inside games consisted of card games like Old Maid, Phase 10 and the like; the outside game of choice was Battledore and Shuttlecock. Plus playing in the sprinklers.


This year it's been all about puzzles indoors and kickball out, with Mother Nature providing the sprinklers every.single.day. (thus far)



This summer has brought another change. My oldest kids are on strike or something. They hide when they see the camera. What's up with that?? That's what I get for birthing them? Don't they know I DIED giving birth to them, 3 times each and ended up with a uterus transplant?


So yesterday when they played kickball with the neighborhood kids, I totally went private detective on them and took pictures in secret. It was pretty exciting for me. I was so worried I'd get caught, and when Rae ran inside to check to see if she had any texts, I hurried and hid my camera and tried to look innocent all the while holding a giggle in.


I love it!

This picture is SO Naomi.

She never plays for fun, she plays to win!

Nolan on 1st base.

I was so sure you'd be able to hear them because they were loud. But I was wrong.

Untitled from LoW on Vimeo.


Thomas said...

And to think we wanted to become adults!!! Oh! I'm first!!!! Yeah me!!! The joys of summer and playing with the neighborhood kids, not much of that anymore.

Homer and Queen said...

That was me, not some stalker, well maybe a stalker but me none the less. Oh and I'm second too!

aniC said...

where's nolans mohawk?
yowza howza, naomi is going to be a fun competitor when she gets older....or not.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh look at how sneaky you are! hee hee hee

Love it.

And I so wish I was there to do puzzles with you and Naomi and Zoe and Rae.


Which one are you doing right now?

I am LoW said...

Queen- thanks for that clarification! I was wondering!

AniC- The mohawk lasted less than 24 hours. And I had thought there was not pictures, but I just discovered I do have a little video of it. More on that later....

Crash- I wish you were here to puzzle with us too. What are the puzzles? More on that later.... too. :-D

mom said...

ahhhh...those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer!

Carrie Maseda said...

You sneaky thing you! I'm actually loving the rain; it makes me feel less guilty for using the last couple days attempting to get the house in order, notice I used the word attempting.