If You See One Movie This Summer....

This should be it.
So says me and my family.
Hank Azario was brilliant, Amelia Earhart was darling (although my little girls were annoyed by her) and full of moxie (bring her way of speaking back, please) and Ben Stiller delivers.
Gary's favorite part was the fight between the 2 night guards. It was heel-AR-ious.

My favorite part was..






Oh, and we are going to see AniC and her family too.


dar said...

I wonder how much more business the smithsomian will be getting since this movie.
we were suppose to see it last week, but ended up going to the beach instead, sure hope we still get to see it soon

mom said...

i wish i could go with you! most of the times i've gone to dc, the smithsonian was closed for remodel/repair! i've only seen it once!!
i heard that ALL museums saw an increase in visitors after the last "museum" movie.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

We are going to the Smithsonian this summer too!!!!!!

When will you be there? We should meet by the enormous Dino!

All my fam has seen the movie except me. But now I have to see it after your review.

aniC said...

i hate to be the bearer of bad news, but nothing comes alive at the smithsonian. and all those things you saw in the movie won't be there.
and if you are more excited about the smithsonian than you are about seeing my family, then maybe it would be best for you to find a different place to stay. you know...a place that isn't free, but where you wont have to deal with us.

Carrie Maseda said...

I loved the movie!!!!!!!!! Rich and I went to go see Friday night, thanks to your sweet daughter who agreed to babysit my hoodlums! :)