On This Day

Today I get to-
Pack up school uniforms for the summer. Hallelujah!
Go to a friends house and pretend I can Interior Design. (my favorite adulthood game)
Go to the last Awards Ceremony of the school year.
Give Nolan his traditional last day of school Mohawk. (tradition started in high school)
(see picture of Nolan to the right)
In the past, it's been argued that it's a Fauxhawk that he gets. Yet it's not just styled, the sides are buzzed, even if not all off. I say if it's inappropriate for him to do his churchly duties on Sunday because it's so extreme, let's just go all out and call it a Mohawk.
And who knows, maybe this will be the year that he let's the sides get completely buzzed.
I'll get back with you on that.


The Crash Test Dummy said...

Congratulations!!!! I thought you were going to say on this day you were born of goodly parents aboard the Queen Mary. ;)

I loved your comments over at Venus and Mars. I bet you are the cutest jealous wife ever. There is an art to it, I bet.

Mel said...

It is a great day! Our last day was yesterday. Middle School picnic.

dar said...

my boys always have there hair so short, no mohawks/fauxhawks here. but it does sound fun

I am LoW said...

Crash- I just left them comments cause they was true. :)

(did the grammar about kill you there? haha)

Mel- I didn't know you ended so early too. Crongrads!!

Dar- he keeps his buzzed too, but grows it out in time. Actually dad just said something to him about needing a hair cut. haha!! And it wasnt' really even that long... at all.

aniC said...

i cant believe all of this work up to the last day of school, and then you dont even blog about it.

I am LoW said...

AniC- Patience grasshopper.