CAUGHT.... On Tape!

My semi-private friend who also blogs posted video of her children all dancing in the kitchen.

Mine dance too.....

Some of them just don't appreciate being taped.

Listen closely to what Nolan says right at the end...

"She's going to put it on her blog," says he.

If you insist Nolan.....

Catchin' the Kids Dancing from Lorinda Wright on Vimeo.

If you are interested, I'll share what had them partyin' like rock stars.

WARNING: It's impossible to watch the video just once, you WILL try the dance moves and you may find these words stuck in your head.

Tunk Tunk Tun

Tunk Tunk Tun

Da! Da! Da!

Watch at your own risk!

They also get a kick out of this.


Oh, and before you go, I need you to stare at this picture for 30 seconds.

You are getting sleeeeepyyyyyy.


You did not see a pile of stuff on LoW's computer.


I repeat, Low's computer was clean and orderly.


Now when I get to 1, you will wake up feeling refreshed and alert and go about your day, knowing LoW has a clean computer space.





mom said...

my kids complain i didn't take enough pictures...yours will say you took too many!
what kitchen counter?

I am LoW said...

Ma- I said on top of the computer, now I need everyone to go back and look at the swirl and forget the kitchen counter too! :-D

mom said...

i meant to say computer...i don't know why "counter" came out (except maybe the scene of the crime is the kitchen?)

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Hey the refreshed and alert part didn't work. But my what a clean computer desk you have.

I couldn't hear the video because my freakin' computer is only operating in Safemode, but it was just as funny without the music I bet. I was giggling like a little girl.

And your kids could be my kids. Same same. That's what blogging about them does.

dar said...

i get the 'no you can't take a pic of me, your just gonna put it on your fam site'

I am LoW said...

Crash- you'll have to come back and view when the computer is fixed. Especially the youtube video.

Dar- get a blog and they'll appreciate the family site. :)

val of the south said...

That was too funny - your son moves quick!

My son is the one always taking secret videos - so I feel their pain! Luckily he has no blog!

Jami said...

Your children have mesmerized my children.

Hm...the freaky Indian Thriller...seems oddly familiar...