Happy Mother's Day, Mother

(from last year)
An Ode to My Ma

She raised herself 11 chir'rin
And my Daddy too
She held our family together
Just like Super Glue

She still holds us together
With monthly family dinners
She even has contests
So we can feel like winners

She takes care o' my daddy
And spoils him rotten
But he takes care o' her too
I haven't forgotten

I ain't gonna visit her
On this Mother's Day
But she'll get her gift later
That's all I can say

But thank you Ma
For being such a good Mom
You don't just rock
You are also the bomb.

LoW- Mothers Day 2008


The Crash Test Dummy said...

Hi LoW. I just came over to see if your kids broke into your blog. But this Ma day poem is just as entertaining so I'm not disappointed.

Happy MA's day to you too!!!!

val of the south said...

What a great poem for your mom!

I hope you're having a fabulous mother's day!

mom said...

thank you lorinda...this is so sweet! but i thought i DID see you today...were you a hallucination? how did those pretzel sticks and chocolate cake with ganache get here???

I am LoW said...

Crash- no, my kids love me, but not THAT much. VEry sweet of yours!!! :)

Val- Thanks! I hope you did too.

Ma- It says (from last year) and 2008.

mom said...

(i know)