About 17 Year Old Sons and Mothers' Day

It's tricky, to figure out how to deal with the 17 year old son (and sons around the age of 17) and special occasions that aren't theirs. Like a mothers birthday and Mother's day.
On one hand, whatcha' gonna do? Ya know?? Beg them to remember you? Beg them to do something special for you? That's silly, right?
On the other hand, if you let them slide with saying and doing nothing, will they do the same to their future wife and will she blame her mother in law for never teaching her son any better?
These were the things I was contemplating (again) about 6 conscious hours into my Mother's Day when Nolan had yet acknowledged me and the day.
We were on our way to my mothers house- Gary driving, I was in the passengers seat, when a piece of paper was passed to me and lo and behold, Nolan was honoring me via a poem!!!
Even if it was a slightly morbid poem....
Here it is-
Thank you for saving me from certain doom,
I am sorry I kicked you when I was in your womb.
I forgive you from taking a picture of me when I was on the toilet
and thanks for changing my diaper when I soiled it.
I am sorry that I made of of your guys on Top Chef,
and I was glad to find out that your a better arm wrestler than Wes.
I am sorry when you were pregnant with me that I caused you stomach distortion,
And I will always thank you for not choosing abortion.
*He was 2 when I took the toilet picture.


Mel said...

What a wonderful, if not slightly disturbing, tribute! Men....

Sandi said...

Hilarious! I am very impressed with his poetic skills. haha..too funny

Anonymous said...

That's quite a good poem; I love the last line!

I am LoW said...

Mel- I hear ya, slightly disturbing. The things that cross his mind. :)

Sandi- impressive indeed! hehe :-D

Anon- Amen!!! I do too!!! :-D

aniC said...

me thinks he must get his poem writing skills from his daddy.

Tay said...

Hahaha - I'm super glad I landed on your blog. You and yours are truly hilarious.

I am LoW said...

Tay!! Welcome welcome!! Glad you found me and glad I now have YOUR Blog to go read! :-D