The Good

About 5 years ago, my parents had the very first Easter Egg Hunt in their backyard since becoming Grandparents.

Look how little my girls were!
Especially Zoe!

This year the backyard filled quickly and the fun began.

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First we ate.

Then the young ones went inside so we could hide eggs.
We called them out and the hunt began.

Uh, guys, turn around, you missed a few.....

My little Zoe was this little guys size on the first hunt.

Now she's a pro.

This one is a pro too. She didn't like it when I wanted her to stop and pose as an egg hunter, but she was a blur if I didn't ask her to stop. She takes hunting eggs very seriously.

We also had an Egg Toss.

Check out the video to see how far an egg can be tossed. My brother jokes about the eggs being a boiled, but my nephew proves otherwise.

Excuse the cackle. I think I confused Halloween with Easter....

There was also an egg race.

And posing for pictures.

And some loving on the babies.

And some swinging.

Rae was swinging with Edward and Jacob.

Funny thing, I just stumbled on this picture of this swing the other day.

I loved that swing, I've spent some serious time on this swing with, well.... let's just say the boys weren't characters in a book, if you know what I'm sayin'.

(but don't tell Rae about that, okay?)

And I didn't realize that when my parents moved, that they took the swing with them. I was SO excited to see they still had the swing.


Nolan brought the UFC to the Easter Egg Hunt.

And my brother brought the clippers.

As you can see, we just had the average, typical Easter Egg Hunt, we played games, we ate, we UFCed and had haircuts. We are like every other family in America.


Homer and Queen said...

Great backyard! Love that swing...and if I don't win next give away...I'm tellin' Rae...just sayin'...

mom said...

great coverage of the even, lo! i do believe you captured all the important stuff!

mom said...

aarrrgh!...that's supposed to be "event"

I am LoW said...

Queen- Ah man, that's dirty. :)

Ma- I knew what you meant.

dar said...

great job keeping me posted with all the fun ya'll had, especially getting pics of the lil fella getting his haircut, but I won't dare say anything about the after pic

Mel said...

I don't think I've ever had my haircut at an Easter Egg Hunt. That's a new one!

Julie said...

Looks perfect to me!

It makes me homesick for my family and their "typical" gatherings -- wouldn't change a thing...

Okay, maybe we'd have to throw a trampoline in there :)