The Bad News First

Saturday I went to my family's Annual Easter Egg Hunt.


It was great fun, as always. But..... you know there is always a but.


With my new camera, I can zoom in on people that are on the other side of the yard. Therefor I am there for a conversation without them knowing it.


So guess what?


I caught my sister and sister-in-law talking. And not just talking, but talking smack. And not talking smack about just anyone, talking smack about ME!


And I have the photo's to prove it!

Did you see that?


.SSee what I put up with?

Tomorrow I will show you the good moments from the Easter Egg Hunt. Moments that don't involve the family worried about my state of mind.


Anyways, so my youngin's are home all week and they need YOUR help.


Can you please leave, in my comment box, some ideas for them to act out on video? It can be a reenactment from a movie or TV show, it can be a scenario you come up with on your own that they can act out. Anything goes.


Mel said...

They should do a funny take on the Sonic commercials.

Mel said...

I can't believe your own kin folk would talk about you that way. Of all the nerve.

Mel said...

How about a scene from Gone With the Wind? Or Wizard of Oz? LOL! I can just see the cat playing Toto.

Beth said...

Have I told you that I miss you lately? Because I do. And the best is dressing up and lip sync-ing and making music videos!!

mom said...

just leave it to you, lo...putting words in people's mouths (o:

how about "the creatin"...you know..."in the beginning..."

The Crash Test Dummy said...


Good one, LoW. (You're so paranoid.)

How about Mahana, you ugly! The 8 cow woman.

Or NACHO LIBRE. There are so many funny scenes in NACHO LIBRE.

Tell them I'll pay them a million dollars if they do NACHO Libre.

Carrie Maseda said...

Too funny!!! Sorry I don't have any ideas yet; I'll get back to you on that one. When did you get a new camera? What kind? Share, share! :)

I am LoW said...

Thanks guys! I'll let the kidaroo's know of your wonderful ideas. :)

Mel- I know, how rude, right?

Crash- Not the 'guess what's in the jar' contest, the one I made just for you, the 'one a scale of 1-10' contest.

And I am NOT paranoid- you can see the pictures for your self. THEY said it, not I!

Carrie- It's not as fancy as yours (or even close) but it's almost too fancy for me. I pretty much have to set it on auto and leave it alone, or else. It's a Fuji.

dar said...

haha, I can't wait til you catch me smack talking about you....uhhhhh huhhhhhh

Tamara said...

So, like.....OH MYYYY GOODNESSS!!!
I just NOW saw this! I believe I gave you permission to have the video of lil B...I don' think I gave you permission to have ME on here, especially when I had NO IDEA it exsisted. AND we were talking about you but that was not what we were saying.....

I am LoW said...

You really WERE talking about me??? HAHAHA!!! And I was called paranoid! :)

So, do I wanna know what you were saying?

Hey Tam- SURPRISE!!! I made a surprise post about you!! :) Do you love it??

Are you surprised?

dar said...

I've looked at this 5 times now, and I'm still laughing about it. sooooo funny