About the Food Storage Giveaway

I usually blog first thing in the morning, right after the house empties of my schoolers and right before I decide to attack the laundry and breakfast dishes and icky bathrooms. Who doesn't want to put those things off, right?

Today was different. Today I preferred those things over blogging. Because I have some bad news......

I decided the wonderful food storage Giveaway should be a Keeper.

As in, the Giveaway is off and these beautiful cans are mine, all mine!


(stands for Cackle Out Loud. Seriously, just ask Crash)

April Fools!!!
Did I get you?? Did I? Huh?

Oh you guys should know better! The Giveaway is still on and going strong.

Make sure you use every opportunity to enter all six times. At least, if I were you, that's what I would do. Everyone has at least 10 friends they can share this great Giveaway with, so send out those emails for another entry! And seriously, that hot blonde chick that knows LoW, who wouldn't want her on their blog? She'll add beauty to your blog, she'll kick it up a notch. Bam!!
But really, in all seriousness, I do have some great news to share today.
I talked Gary into another baby!!! Yay!!!

April Fools!!

You didn't even come close to falling for that one, did you?

You know what though, this April Fools thing...... I've been a bit nervous. My Naomi and Zoe, the past few days, have been really looking forward to April Fools day. Zoe even told me that she had 3 tricks up her sleeve just for me!

When I got up this morning, I was feeling a little jumpy. When I went to the kitchen to start breakfast there was this strange beetle type bug sitting ever so perfectly right on the kitchen faucet, just like it had been planted there.

Turns out it was a real live bug that just so happened to be there. I thought it was a trick at first. Good thing I didn't just pick the bug up thinking it was a toy, huh?

When I went to get them up this morning and said, "Get up girls! It's late! There isn't even time for breakfast!"

Naomi yelled in disgust, "What?!?!?!"

"April Fools!" I yelled. hehe haha hoho!!

I got them. But that's what they get for making me so nervous, right?

Then they come to eat and I had really spent some time on this breakfast because they have this 'Oh so important testing' going on at school and the school stresses to the kids 'eat a healthy breakfast or else!' and so they stress and stress and worry about everything being just so.

(and then get too nervous to even eat breakfast, but that's another story)

So Naomi comes to the counter, "Mom, I am sorry, I just can't eat this. I threw up last night."

I said, "You did?" (and I missed it???)

"April Fools!!" says she.

haha hehe hoho. She got me.

But to make this post worth reading, I have a frugal tip for you today.

Save the napkins that are left over from fast food joints to use at dinner time.

April Fools!!!

I mean, yes, save them, use them, but please, for the love of pete, don't use them at the dinner table!

I mean, you can if you want, and I won't judge you.

April Fools!!!

I will judge you! That's tacky!!

April Fools again!!!

No, I won't, I will not judge you. Out loud.

April Fools!!

I will judge you, out loud, but only to a couple of people.

April Fools!!!

I kid, I kid!!

I kid so much I can't keep up with where I stand on the issue!

By the way, my wittle baby sister has an awesome Giveaway of her own happening right now, and she didn't post it today, so she's totally not kidding.


The Crash Test Dummy said...

ha ha hahah ahahahah That was the funniest post ever!



heh heh heh

Yay! I'm first. I've missed you so much. And you've changed. You look different. Have I been gone that long?

You do food storage too?

HOLY COW girl, I'm so not worthy.

I'm doing a post just for you tomorrow.

Unless something exciting happens today.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

That really was a hilarious post.

You totally got me with the pregnancy test.


No you really did get me!

Mel said...

I DO USE napkins from fast food restaurants at home. Why no? Why waste them? You pay for them. Unless they have grease stains or something... I'm STILL using Mellow Mushroom napkins we pocketed form the resaurant in Chattanooga a couple of weeks ago. We took left-over pizza back to the hotel room, so we HAD to get a handful (or two) of napkins. :-) I put them in the girl's lunchboxes too! Humph. So, you gonna judge me out loud? Huh? Huh?

You think I'm going to now cry April Fools....

But, I'm not....

Cause, I really recycle napkins...

I am LoW said...

Oh Mel, I April Foolsed the heck out of that one, we reuse them too!! Just not when the table is set fancy, we use them on unfancy days is all. :)

Crash- Oh Crash!! How I have missed the mess out of you!! I am so glad (I mean, sad) that your family is gone. hehe

Marci said...

Lo, you are a RIOT!! What did I ever do without your blog?? ;-) I didn't fall for your pregnancy April Fools, sorry, but it was wicked funny! A friend of mine already tried it...said she was pregnant with twins! LOL

Anjeny said...

Oh guess what LoW...that random.org thingie-mabob is totally out of service...now you're going to have to write all those comment entries by hand and try pulling the winner out of a hat. Remember, you have to write each commenter's name at least two times, tst tst tst, you poor thing, I don't envy your fingers, all that writing.

AH AH AH..................



I am LoW said...

Marci- Yeah.... the pregnancy on April Fools is so over done, eh? haha!!

Anjeny- I would write out everyone's names 100 times, if I must, I would!! But you did get me and made me a little nervous, I was thinking "man, I hope they have that fixed by Monday!!"

Sherena said...

I am totally with you on the "over-stressing" that test the teachers do. Why make them so nervous about it?? Grace called me on Monday morning from her sister's cell to tell me she was feeling sick. (test this week also) I told her the test would not effect her grades at all. I told her the teachers are so worried because it shows their boss how well they (the teachers) are doing. She seemed fine after that.

Sherena said...

By the way...I was totally excited for you and the new baby thing!! I can not believe you would use something so precious and sweet to trick all your readers. Especially your friends who have been with you all these years and have known about your great desire to have another child. I am truely sadden. I am disappointed. I am hurt. But most importantly........

I am about eight hours too late to pull a really good APRIL FOOLS on you!! But I had to try, right?

I am LoW said...

Sherena- I know (testing) (but not pregnancy testing, haha)- In kindergarten the teacher told Zoe's class, "You HAVE to pass this test, if you don't, you can't go to 1st grade and THAT'S BAD!!!" And seriously, my girls haven't been able to eat breakfast. And Naomi's teacher had them sucking on mints while testing b/c studies show that helps. Which is fine, but just an example of the overboardness (hehe) they are doing.

Anjeny said...

LOL...I thought it would be neat trick to pull on you after the one you pulled on us. I was totally believing what you wrote about deciding to keep the give-away to yourself...I thought to myself, that was very rude of her to do that us, make us jump through hoops like that...then you said April Fools...I was so relieved. And decided I'd try pulling one on you to see how you react. lol.

Hey did you see the increase in the numbers of followers since you started this give-away? And the comments? I'm almost tempted to go do a give-away just to see how many lurkers I can actually pull out to make them public...LOL.

I am LoW said...

I actually do have 2 more followers. :)

And more people stopping by, BUT shockingly not everyone that stops by enters to win. Seriously, I can't believe people wouldn't want to win free stuff!! :-D