Awesome Giveaway Still On!!!

You still have time to enter the Giveaway. Please be sure to read and follow the rules and take advantage of the different ways to enter.

Yesterday was very hard for me, I wanted to comment on your comments so bad, but I couldn't mess up the order of numbers. But AniC, as always, funny. You too ma. I am sorry that I can't show favoritism. The only way I'd rig the deal and give either of you the prize is if you paid me $75, but if you are willing to do that, you may as well order your own sample pack from Shelf Reliance, because that's what this sweet deal is worth. Can you believe it? 75 Buck-a-roos!

And shame on some of you for hinting that I might cheat!!

Naomi did try to move her Battleship while we were playing Battleship the other day (it was so obvious and I called her out) because I hit it. She can NOT stand to lose! But I assure you, she doesn't get cheatin' from me!

Sherena- I hear you, you and your family are hungry and in the need of food (hahaha) and Anjeny, you have kids eating you out of house and home, I get that too. Boy do I ever. And Heather... oh, sweet Heather- you guys, I used to teach her in Sunday School but now she's all growed up and married! So awesome to see you here! And Jinii and The Pachuilo family, I hear you about needing a good boost to get started. I hear all of you!!

I really really, with all my heart, hope all of you win.

The competition is fierce and I see you all have your game faces on. As you should. But while we are waiting for the results (next Monday), let me share a little something with you.

Ever watch iCarly?

I assume you'd have to have kids that are my kids age to of ever seen it. The show is about some kids with a web show..... Well Naomi and Zoe adore it, they voted for it (many many times) for the Kid's Choice Awards and it won Best TV Show!

I have a feeling it inspired Naomi and Zoe to make this little movie. The beginning and ending are the best, the middle gets a little shaky and slow. But it's worth seeing and only 2 1/2 minutes. And may I add, every 8 year old child should have a video camera. That is my parental advice for the day. The things you find on their memory card are priceless!!!


mom said...

i wish you could see bennett watch this! he chuckles all the way thru...but when it comes to the end and the say "the end" and laugh, he bursts into giggles! we just had to watch it FIVE times in a row! too funny!

I am LoW said...

I wish I could see him watch too!! Funny!!! I can see why he giggles at the end, because isn't their giggle totally genuine and cute?? :)

I love how Naomi was trying so hard at the beginning, the bugs are loving each other? haha! That cracked me up!! She does love the camera!

aniC said...

i wanted to comment more too. not to try to up my chances of winning but to say "why does everyone hate me?" seriously, why does everyone hate me?
that video is funny. naomi is trying so hard, and zoe looks so nervous-ish. it made me laugh out loud. or in internet terms...LOL.

Jennifer said...

I love seeing your kids in motion and your BIG yard.

aniC said...

i'm still waiting for everyone to tell me why they hate me.
i'm also wondering why it's taking so long to get to monday so we can find out who the winner is.

I am LoW said...

AniC- don't be silly. Nobody hates you and nobody said they did. They only worried that my love for you would sway things. Simmer down darlin. :)

Jennifer!! Good to see you here! :) I am embarassed to say though, that the yard in the video isn't ours, apparently my kids just act like others yards are theirs. :-O I need to talk to them about that. :)

(they were behind our house)

I am LoW said...
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I am LoW said...
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