The Ruins

This is the view from the road, a church that has lain in ruin for more than 120 years.

One of the first Greek-Revival structures built in the United States, Prince Williams Parish Church, built between 1745 and 1755.

During the American Revoloution, the church was burned by General Augustine Prevost's British troops in May1779.

The church was rebuilt in 1826.

General John Logan burned Sheldon Church on Jan. 14, 1865.

This was considered as part of Sherman's march to the sea.

One can only imagine what preachin' went on between these four walls.

Or how many couples gave their marital vows.

People still make marital vows between these four walls.

One can't walk these grounds without wondering of the past.

Did this little guy's ancestors live here? Did children chase him like my Naomi did?

Did the children play on the irresistible tree's just like mine, after a long service?

Oh, the history one small plot of land in South Carolina has.....

p.s. Someone in my comment box doubted AniC's hair. Come back tomorrow for the truth....


sara said...

That's lovely. I think ruins look just as cool as the real thing sometimes.
Thanks for the history lesson!

dar said...

so cool.
Although I don't think the kids back then enjoyed the trees in the same way, they probably weren't that big. but there were probably plenty of lizards to chase (inside and outside the church)

I am LoW said...

Sara- I agree!

Dar- I didn't mean THAT tree, but the tree's that were there...

Homer and Queen said...

I love that church!!! Where is it in SC? Not that Vegas is close, but maybe someday I will get there!

I am LoW said...

I do too! My sister and I talked about how, if we were of another religion, would have married there for sure! :-)

It's in Yemassee SC.

You can look it up online (and get directions, I am sure) as the Old Sheldon Church. :)

Carrie Maseda said...

I think I may have been there before, but it was at night; it is not so pretty at night, just spooky (if it is the same place).