Oh Crash Test Dummy, Why Do Thou Doubt? In Defense of My Sista

I have a favorite blogger who I read daily, she goes by Crash Test Dummy but she's actually a Smarty Pants. And I love her and her blog, I adore them both.

But she doubted. Not me, but my sister.
AniC are loyal to each other, we don't let a crash come between us, or a test, or a dummy. But occasionally we let a Sonic commercial and a key chain come between us. But never the three things listed above. Never ever! \
So Crash Test Dummy wanted to see pictures of AniC, to see if she really does have a fro.
As I looked through my pictures I remembered, it's hard to get a picture without her fro!

It's always in the way!

Naomi wanted me to get a picture of her holding her baby cousin.
The whole corner is filled with her fro!

I wanted a picture of my nephew with the flower my girls put in his hair.

There is the fro, again!

A close up of the cutest chubbiest baby in the world.

And the..... fro-iest fro.

A picture of history....

And more fro.

I wanted a picture of the Chinese Buffet for a future blog post on how it drives me crazy when people say, "Do you want Chinese?" and they don't finish the sentence. And I always think, "Chinese what?" Even though I know they mean Chinese food....
And the fro, once again.

I also wanted a picture of my ma's mantle, she always has it done up.

Here is her St Patrick's day mantle.

With AniC's fro.


See, it's everywhere!!

It's almost impossible to get a picture without her fro!!

The answer in short Crash Test Dummy- yes, she does, she really really does have a fro.

And she knows how to use it.


dar said...

its much better then that purple fro she used to have

aniC said...

i can't believe you edited that picture of me to make it look like straight brown hair was sticking out of the bottom of my fro like i don't REALLY have a fro, but was wearing a wig OVER different hair. that was a lot of effort to make me look rediculous.

but on another note, man, my baby is cute. i mean, i know i'm not supposed to say that, but wait for other people to say it. but that is one dang cute picture of him.

Motherboard said...

That is FUNNY!

(i sorta want a fro. For like 1/2 a second ...)

I am LoW said...

Motherboard- I have a fro, most especially between blow drying and straightening. Every time I blow dry my hair and think about letting it be, I chicken out.

The Crash Test Dummy said...


That was the bestest post ever. ha hahah

LOLING so hard.

You crazy chicas. Is that really Ani C with the wig? She looks like she's 12. That can't be her.

I am so back. I can't wait to catch up with.

And we are so on the same wave length. I've already written a guest post from my mom. he heee hee heeheh I will post it tonight.

High five for the same brain wave.

Cool you touched Gladys Knights hand. And YUM-O on the food storage raspberry delight. SHEESH! can you stop making the rest of us look bad.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

That is still so funny. How clever you are.

I am LoW said...

Crash- SO her!!! And yes, she looks 12. So when she was preggo with her baby, you can only imagine what the public thought.

Can't wait to read "your moms" post. :)

Carrie Maseda said...

I can always count on you to make me laugh!