Hot Blonde Chick in the Room

It feels like it does when there is an elephant in the room, except it's not an elephant, it's a hot blonde chick.

You know she's there.

You see her there.

You are intrigued.

But aren't asking about her?

You really really love her vintagey-ness, don't you?

And you are oh so impressed that she knows LoW.
Wanna take a guess at who that is that knows LoW?
Wanna have a button? It's free, ya know. And it'll impress your friends.
Ma- you can't guess.


dar said...

hmmmm... this is a tough, I'll have to get back to you on this one.

but... she is one hot blond chick!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Ma, you can't guess. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Nice intriguing title. So true. And yet you put a fancy spin on it. Good job.

Mel said...

Oh common on! I know it's your Mom! Quite the Babe!

I am LoW said...
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I am LoW said...
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I am LoW said...

Dar- ;-)

Crash- Thanks writing teacher! :-D

Mel- why do you think it's my ma?

Anjeny said...

So, is that you mom? She really is a hottie.

Oh yeah, thanks for commenting on my blog.

Mel said...

I'm 100% positive I've seen that picture on the OT list!

I am LoW said...

Anjeny- It is. :)

Mel- I really don't think I've ever shared it on the OT. She's right there on my side bar with my Pa, looking about the same. Maybe that's where you've seen her blonde and vintagey. :)

sara said...

What a great Pic! I love that she's wearing a broach. I seriously want to bring back that trend.

April said...

How cute! Love the do!

aniC said...

uhhh...how about some love for the person that came up with that button?!?

and i wish you had been around yesterday to love on baby j.t. holy cow was he in a bad mood!!!!!

I am LoW said...

Sara- I agree! The trend should come back.

April- hehe!

AniC- Oh yeah, AniC made the button. Thanks AniC!

mom said...

so...NOW can i comment? the "do" was called a "flip"...my future hubby bought me that dress as a christmas gift...and i wore broaches alot. lately i've been wearing my grandma's old chunky beads too. i love it when old things become new again! and i'm nothing if not "vintage-y"

I am LoW said...

MooOOooommm! You just gave it away! :-O

he he

But what do you think, Ma? Being on my button? Were you surprised? Do you love it? Or do you think it should read- 'I birfed LoW'?? :)

mom said...

well...i can't say i know what a "button" is...but i WAS surprised to see my picture there!