Wheelin' and Dealin' Zoe Style

Having young children while also raising teenagers has proven to be very interesting.

Case and point- Zoe's Christmas list consisted of no toys- with the exception of an electric scooter. She listed things like an iPod, a cell phone, a digital camera, and a video camera.

Truly, Zoe and Naomi haven't really been into toys for a couple of years. It's sad.

They also have it in their heads that dresses are for babies, so they will usually only wear skirts. I don't understand that one, but I somehow blame Rae. Surely, that one is all her fault, she must have said something in passing that they took to heart- and it made dresses out.

It's not that they don't play, because they do. They just don't play with toys~ no dolls, no barbies, and no kitchen sets.

This has all made Christmas shopping interesting. The one thing I knew this past Christmas though was that Zoe wasn't getting a cell phone or iPod. So she didn't give us much to go on when shopping for her.

I did however have some things I thought of that Zoe didn't even know she wanted. Zoe loves..... no I mean LOVES arts and crafts. She also loves erasers- the cute creative kind.
Imagine my excitement when I saw this kit-

{Imagine her excitement when she opened it. The best gift she never knew she wanted!}

Before we knew it, we were baking erasers.

Check out the turtle-
{posing on a picture painted by my sister E}

She decided to make eraser friendship rings for her friends~

When she went back to school, a boy saw her awesome eraser making talent and he said, "if you make one for me, I'll pay you $100 for it."
She said, "Deal."

She made this baseball player.

Then she said the next day he kept asking her for it and she kept telling him, "Wait 'til lunch so we don't get in trouble."

So at lunch she said, "Here."

He took it in his hands and said it was cool.

So she held out her hand and said, "Where's my $100?"

He told her he didn't have it yet.

She took it back.

The next day she asked him if he had the $100. He said no, he doesn't have that much. She said, "Does your parents?"

This is when I finally stepped in and said, "Honey, don't you think a quarter would be more fair?"

She explained he was the one that offered $100!

So she took the eraser out of her backpack and discovered the hat and lips had fallen off. She taped it back and said she would go to school the next day and offer him only $1 for it.


The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh that is so funny on so many levels. Baking erasers? I love presents I never knew I wanted.

Love the photo of Zoe not wanting toes anymore. You're goooooood.

And I LOVED your funny comment in my overcrowded chat room comment box this morning. Thought I'd tell you that here, instead of there.

Go eat some French fries or French toast or something. hee hee

nevadanista said...

Thata girl! What a clever one you have.

I am LoW said...

Thanks you two!! :-D

Yes, Crash- I knew you were headed to Pioneer Woman numbers. 200 comments down, what... 9,800 to go? (if you did a giveaway anyways) haha

Sandi said...

Hi Low! I decided to share some of my comments with people other than Crash..haha. Your blog is very cute and your kids are adorable and FUNNY like you!

aniC's people said...

aniC would like to purchase a $100 eraser for $1.

mom said...

love, love, LOVE the erasers! but i wish you'd have given me a "heads-up" about the toy situation BEFORE christmas and me giving her a doll set! ugh! sorry, zoe. i didn't know you were so sophisticated. what kind of eraser are you going to make for me (o: ?

dar said...

looks like she can go into the eraser making and selling business. they are cute, I want the turtle

I am LoW said...

Sandi- It's nice to see you here!! And thank you!! :-D

AniC's peeps- I'll let her know. Do you have a request?

Ma- I didn't say never ever, did I?

Dar- I agree, she could, and the turtle is cute.

Carrie Maseda said...

I love the picture you put with the post; it looks like a mob picture, "Pay me, or else!"

ms. changes pants while driving said...

i love it. i want it. no, i don't have kids.

I am LoW said...

Ms. Changes Pants While Driving- but everyone needs erasers! :-D