A Book Review by Yours Truly

It's rare that My husband and I share a book but when I told him what I heard about this book he wanted to read it- then insisted I read it too.
We don't usually share books because he likes manly books and I like mine sweet.
And by manly, I mean- he likes true stories or tough stories or boring stories.
I like mine to be sweet- uplifting, inspirational, quirky or silly.
I heard about The Road from blogs that do book reviews.
From what I read- a lot of people that started the book couldn't finish it.
(Have I told you I also like a challenge?)
The inability to finish the book was not because the book was bad, but because it's so very well written. The writer has a very distinct style of prose that not many writers could pull off and that I thoroughly enjoyed. Yet the book brings you to places your heart doesn't want to go, and his writing makes it all the harder, because you fall into the story, deep.
The story follows a man and his child, with whom you never know the names of.......
(that's just one of many mysteries in the book)
.....in a post apocalyptic world.
After reading The Grapes of Wrath and Milkweed I got more serious about food storage than ever. However this book goes beyond food storage. This book may inspire you to brush up on survival skills, subscribe to The Backwoodsman magazine and *gasp*....( buy guns). Not to "protect your food", oh no, if only it would that simple and, er uh... innocent? - No, it's to prevent your child from much darker, unimaginable barbaric.... no, animalistic danger.
So, I'd like to end this book review suggesting you read The Road.
No wait! Maybe not.
Oh, but you should! You really should.
No no no, I can't recommend it.
But it's really good!
Oh heavens. Okay, read it.
At your own risk.
But know it's NOT rated G.
Speaking of ratings, they are making a movie from The Road. Since I'm so visual, as much as I like to brag about handling the book... I don't think I'll be able to handle the movie.


dar said...

very well written, can't make up your mind post today

Mel said...

I think I'll skip it! Thanks for the warning. :-)

Carli said...

I've heard this is good too - I'm going to have to borrow off my brother in law and give it a read now you've talked me into it!

I am LoW said...

Dar- I know.

Mel- You are welcome.

Carli- Hi! It is a very good book, I am a little concerned about suggesting it, I just recommend you go in prepared to read things you don't want to consider.... I don't know, I put my guard up and didn't let it sink in like I usually do a book. It worked. :-)

ms. changes pants while driving said...

i loved this book. loved loved loved it. a friend of mine told me about it. she said "it's about a man and his son sort of at the end of the world, but in an inspiring and touching sort of way."

it grabbed me. it was hard to get through, because of the subject matter. i also don't think i'll see the movie. the book was enough. but viggo!!!!

I am LoW said...

Ms. Changes Pants While Driving- I agree, great book, hard to get through and yet hard to put down. I got a little weepy in the end. :)