A Date in History

Gary is a history buff. I like history, but I don't retain history info. But I'll tell ya what I remember.

Wednesday our date consisted of more than crab legs. On the way to Uncle Bubba's, we stopped and had a little history lesson at the old Fort Jackson, a National historic landmark.

Fort Jackson was called Mud Fort and was used during the Revolutionary War. When war with France and Great Britain seemed likely, it became Fort Jackson. Local militia units and Federal troops saw active duty at Fort Jackson, and the moat, drawbridge, brick barracks and more were added.

The site was chosen to protect Savannah, which was an important port city. A ship traveling up the Savannah River to Savannah would have to pass this point. Any other location chosen along the river would enable enemy ship so by-pass the fort and attack Savannah.

During the American Civil War, Fort Jackson was used as the headquarters for the Savannah River defenses for the Confederacy. Fort Jackson helped protect the city until Sherman's famous "March to the Sea" when the Confederate troops were forced to leave the city and the Union troops moved in and occupied Fort Jackson for 3 months.

Enough of that, let's look at pictures!

Do you see the red buoy in the river? That is where the CSS Georgia Ironclad was scuttled. Now scuttle in Nautical doesn't mean the same as scuttle in mommy talk.

When I tell my youngin's to scuttle- I am wanting them to hurry.

When the CSS Georgia Ironclad was told to scuttle- it sunk itself.

This here is a moat.

These here?

They're guns. The 3rd one from the left is a Model 1854 Lorenz Rifle Musket.

Or is it the one in the middle?

Heck if I know. I'm just pretending here.

This thing here....

It's called a Sentry Box.

It was used by the on duty guard to protect them against the weather.

What's hotter than a mannequin in uniform?

MY man in uniform!

Where IS my time machine?!

These here are handcuffs.

Here is an artillery display. See the thing I marked?

It's called a Grape Shot.

I remember it because it's named after food.

This is called a Powder Magazine.

Being the girl I am, the words powder and magazine doesn't go with war in my mind.

But the boxes are cute and I really like the white chippy walls and the slant in the ceiling. The slant had a war time purpose too. Just please don't ask me what it is.

My husband or his shadow are in so many pictures that I am not showing you, he wasn't in the photo's on purpose though. It's because he was my tour guide and wasn't realizing I had a camera up to my face as he was showing off his history skills.

Store rooms...

This picture made me feel artsy. Are you feelin it?

This is from the Artillery Room but it made me laugh. I don't know if it's because the equipment you see are called things like worms and rammers.

Or if it's because I can just see Shrek using them to clean out his ears. Ya know?

A pretty yellow lady bug on a Cannon Wheel.

I'll leave you with a few more pictures because I have a lunch date with my Zoe. At school. So I need to scuttle along.


dar said...

well, thank you gary for the tour and thank you lo for the pics. I felt like I was there, walking along side ya

mom said...

wow! this looks a lot like fort pulaski! where is this one? i'd love to visit. i LOVE historical sites and i always feel sort of "reverent" when i visit places where men fought and died for our freedom.

Mel said...

Very cool! I read a series of historical fiction books about Fort Mudd and all -- were they by Eugenia Price? That was the first name I thought of - oh well. Great pictures. Love history myself. Thanks Gary! And Lo!

Mel said...

It is Eugenia Price! Savannah, Stranger in Savannah..... tons of great light reading.

I am LoW said...

Dar- Oh, you are very very welcome. Anytime!

Ma- It's right close to Fort Pulaski, actually.

Mel- You are very very welcome also! And THANK YOU for telling me about the book series! I'll have to check them out. :-D

The Crash Test Dummy said...

HOLY HISTORY BUFF! No wonder I love Gary so much, even though he's bald. hee hee

Loved all the photos.

You should put your follower list up so people will know they can follow you. I'm sending my peeps over.

April said...

I LOOOOOVED all the photos!!! You did a great job. I am salivating over the crates and the crock in the one photo!!!

BTW....I think I had a drop waisted dress like the one in the picture showing the hubby in uniform....I believe it was a McCall's pattern..I wasn't much of a Simplicity girl.

Hayden Rawls said...

I think I went on a field trip in 4th grade there when we lived in GA. But if it wasn't...looks like yall had fun! :D

Mr Farty said...

A history lesson with giant cotton buds? Brilliant idea!

I am LoW said...

Crash- yes, he does have mad history skillz. :-)

April- I know! How cute those things could look in my house. You should have seen the old chairs and desks and tables.

Hayden- Thanks for coming by. :-) Good to see you. And we did have fun.

Mr Farty- *giggle* Thanks, gotta keep learnin' fun, eh? :)