Hey Ya'll!

Brace yourself for what could be my longest post ever. With the most photo's too.

Yesterday Gary and I went on a date courtesy of Elvis.

Not that Elvis, silly! My brother Elvis.

Actually, probably courtesy of his wife. Either way, they gifted Gary and I with a Paula Deen gift certificate for Christmas.

The gift certificate could be used at her store, her restaurant or her little brother Bubba's restaurant.

We'd been to her place already so we were excited to check out her little brother Bubba's place.

So this is where I would like to pretend I am a food critic and I write for a fancy pants magazine about restaurants where I've dined.


Here goes.

Upon arriving at Uncle Bubba's, the view from the parking lot was fitting for a seafood restaurant.

The entrance was inviting.

The interior design was minimal, with a hint of industrial and a bigger hint of family, with pictures of Paula and Bubba growing up scattered about the restaurant. Even some vinyl lettering with words about family.

Soon after being seated in a dining room that would seat a gracious plenty, we were served mini cornbread muffins that were so sweet they could almost be mistaken for cupcakes and the honey butter for frosting.

(note to self, when snapping a picture of mini cornbread muffins using the close up button on lame camera, the mini muffins don't look mini)

My date order chicken wings for an appetizer. I however, do not dine on chicken wings, so I had to take his word for it.

His word, "Not bad."

It needs to be known though that this is how he says "it's good."

My date ordered the Shrimp 'N Grits. He was a little disappointed because he believes there were only 5 shrimp in his Shrimp 'N Grits, but the flavor was definitely there.

I know of what I speak, I snuck a bite.

Without the shrimp though. I cleaned shrimp for the first and last time about a year ago and I haven't been able to eat shrimp since.

However, I've never cleaned crab, so bring it!

And they did!!

I had crab legs, cheesy grits, and corn on the cob.


I have zero complaints about my lunch.

(Do you know Paula Deen's secret to grits? To use instant but cook them like they aren't instant. It works! It makes for the creamiest yummiest grits ever!)

The lunch was ended on this shared sweet note, Chocolate Creme Brulee.

The top was missing that crunchy sugar topping... well, the sugar was there, but it wasn't cooked long enough. Even so, it was divine. It was a great way to end the meal.


As we were leaving the restaurant, Bubba himself was at the door saying his goodbye's to his guests. As much as I do not care if anyone sees the I am taking a picture of food before I eat it, I was too embarrassed to ask him for a picture.

Silly me.

So far I have seen the Food Network star's son (at Lady and Son's) and her brother. Maybe one day I will spot Paula Deen herself.

Speaking of Food Network, Bravo has one of my all time favorite TV shows, Top Chef.

(that was a joke. Did you get it? Was it funny?)

Oh how I love that show! It's on season 5 and I haven't missed one episode of any season. They have all been great fun to watch, every stinkin' one.

This year has been extra fun.

This is Jeff.

He went home last night. Isn't he perdy? He's perdy! And he was intense. I've always been attracted to intense men.

This is Gene.

Gene was intense too. And there seems to always be someone just like Gene (intense and tattooed) on the show, and they always do really well. But he didn't make it was far as the intense tattooed usually make it.
This is Fabio.

I like Fabio. He's from Italy and his English is hilarious and his accent in niiiiice. He's just the sweet fella on the show. He's not bad to look at either, is he?

This is Stefan.

He's from Finland so he has an accent too, but he's missing the cute and sweet.

This is Carla.

I love Carla! She has a catering business and I want to have her come cater something so we can meet and become friends. She is so silly and funny and full of energy and she cooks with love! How do I know that? Because she says it, all the time. And sometimes the judges feel the love, they say that too.
Speaking of judges- this is Toby Young.

He's a new judge and I am not so sure about him yet.

Tom Collichio


Tom is a TV crush of mine.

Does your marriage allow for a TV crush?

In my marriage, I am allowed to have TV crushes but Gary's not.


No, really.

Actually, I've been meaning to do a post on Bald Hollywood Hotties for a while. Tom would be at the top.

I do have a thing for bald men, I admit. I married one. Of course, my husband doesn't think bald is beautiful, so I like to point out the Bald Hollywood Hotties to him. Recently he asked if he could point out all the women on TV he thought was hot. I said, "Only if they are chubby."
By the way, there was more to the date than lunch. More on that tomorrow.

*photo's from Bravotv.com and google image


Mel said...

Does he cook using peanut oil? All the best seafood places cook with peanut oil and I can't eat there. Which is horrid, cause I loves seafood. It looks like a great date!

mom said...

paula and i cook grits the same way. aunt lucile cued me in on that more than 40 years ago. lunch looks good! don't do "top chef" but i like the italian!

sara said...

Those pictures made me hungry! I love seafood and love chocolate desserts even more. What a great date! My husband takes me to the temple cafeteria and calls it good. No crab legs there, that's for sure.

I am LoW said...

Mel- I don't know. That must be SO hard for you! :-(

Ma- Yep, lunch was wonderful.

I am LoW said...

Sara- yes it was good. MmMmm. I do recall Temple cafeteria (back when I lived in Utah where they have such things) having pretty good food though! And the Temple IS such a great date! :-)

dar said...

that was fun, I miss the southern food that comes with seafood, aka grits with such flavorings.
i don't watch top chef either, but they did look quite interesting.
tv crushes are totally allowed, we grew up with parents who taught us the way :o)

ms. changes pants while driving said...

omg, you know that little cramp you get in your jaw when your mouth starts watering in over time? that just happened to me. i want cornbread muffins NOW. oh, there's a marie callender's down the street.

my boyfriend's daughter thinks paula deen is hilarious. she says to me one day,

"i know how to cook like paula deen! furrrst, you aaayyuudd see-icks pauhnds uv buuudder..."

and then she started giggling and couldn't finish her recipe. but i think that about sums it up, no? six pounds of butter?

omg, i need cornbread STAT.

I am LoW said...

Dar- Top CHef is the best, you need to watch it! :)

Ms Changes Pants while driving- I know that feeling! haha!! Marie Calendars does good cornbread.

Paula is hilarious, and her accent is the best. I love when she says (after adding 6 pounds of butter)"I'm yer cook, not her doctor!"

Cindy said...

okay, first thing I thought when I saw Carla.."I hope she wears a hairnet while cooking!?"
and ms. changing pants while drivings store about the little girl is hilarious, even she knows it's all about the butter.

April said...

MMMMMM......of all of the foods on there...guess what my favorite was??? go on....guess....

Grits...ok I lied! It's lobster and shrimp, but grits comes in a close third!!!

HAHAHA!! I love that you have TV crushes!! who doesn't?

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Okay, I have so much to say, but first, did you know you've got a ms. changing pants in her car in here? That's freaking me out just a little bit.

Should I cover my eyes?

What if she gets in an accident while I'n here with her?

Can I sue her?

Okay, first. Gary is BALD? What the what? YOu never told me that? I'm trying to picture my/your Gary bald.

Okay, anyway, I love it when you take pictures of food and diners because I think of all the people around you whispering "what a freak" behind your back.

I also LOVE LOVE LOVE Creme Brew lei (That's how we spell it in Hawaii). MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE. The best I've ever tasted was in Korea. You want to go with me to get some?

I also am just figuring out that when there are no holidays to outshine me with, you focus on food to make me look bad.

I also can't believe you only have 5 followers. HELLO? Where are your peeps? You're so dang cute as a button. And why do you have a girl changing her pants in your car? Doesn't she know you're a G-rated girl?

So how's Dar? And how's mom? Tell Gary Aloha for me.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh and I love your Daily Dose of Crash. Are you saying I'm caffinated?

And I love your Homie AniC. So hilarious.

I am LoW said...

Cindy- you know, I don't think I've ever seen any of them wear hair nets. haha! They don't wear gloves either. :-O

April- girrrrl, I think the grits was the best part of the meal. Fer real! Everything else a super close 2nd. :)

Crash- about Ms. Changing Pants while driving- - I am giving her the benefit of the doubt, that she's doing it modestly. :pD Once, while pulling up to my high school to take my senior pictures I realized I had my pants inside out (?!?!) and so I had to change my pants in the car. Although not while driving. But I understand sometimes it needs to be done. HAHA!! And I am just not watching her, you know how when someone changes in front of you and you carry on with other things and not look? I am blogging and commenting without looking. HA!

I love Creme Brulee too, not matter how it's spelled, it's good! :) And I haven't made it yet, and I decided that I must. I always wanted to, but I don't have a small kitchen torch, but I think I am just gonna have to use Gary's.

Speaking of Gary, yes he's bald. :) And beautiful! (psssst...he's not tall either)

Ma and Dar are MIA. And AniC is sick. :(

I say you are caffinated, the only form of caffiene I can handle! :-)