What is a Woadun?

My Zoe has the sweetest most precious and adorable speech "problem" ever. I love it, fer real.

Yesterday she was watching TV and heard a word that she didn't know so she paused it to ask me.

"Mom, what's a woadun?" she asked.

"A wha'?" I asked back.

She repeated, "A woadun."

Come again?

She came again, "A woa-dun!"

She is so self conscious about this speech thing, so I hate to do it.

I said, "I need to hear it in a sentence."

So, well, she meant well. "What. Is. A. Woa-DUN."

I held back my laughter, because she doesn't like being laughed at.

I told her I didn't really know.

She had me come to her so she could backtrack the TV show and I could hear the word.

Oh, a rodent.

Speaking of which, one had been tearing up our yard and Gary finally caught it.

Had you seen one before? Seriously, that woadun freaked me out.



I've been tagged! Again. By my sister that I am at war with! A piece offering? I doubt it.

Crash Test Dummy? You might want to read down to the bottom.

And seriously, this one felt like work!

1 embarrassing moment: any and every time I have to get deep with my feelings

2 best friends: (You can't have 2 best friends, best means "the one" but whatev) Gary and AniC (even tho)

3 things you buy regularly: milk, bread, t.p.

4 places you want to go (and might actually REALLY go): the beach, Utah, AniC's (even tho), Utah (if I say it twice it might happen, right?)

5 goals for the upcoming year (that you might actually do): save the world, learn how to whistle, conquer my fears, teach my kids to do ask I ask, not faint when they do

6 things most people don't know about you: I can't stand touching cotton balls. I was elected Drama Club Prez in High School. I've loved home decor as far back as I can remember- I just had to limit it to my bedroom 'til I got my own place. I once WAS Wendy when I worked at Wendy's (in High School)... every Saturday- costume and all. I wanted 12 children. (OhmyGoodness! One more.... think... think....) I got in several fights in school and mostly with guys.

7 things you would never say: "No thanks, I don't eat chocolate." "Do you have this in navy blue?" "I quit." "I don't need the calculator to solve this problem." "But I love cleaning the bathrooms" "It doesn't matter if your cell phone and lipstick doesn't match." "Please pass the oysters."

8 things you love about the Christmas season: The story of the birth of Christ, Christmas music, family get-togethers, giving gifts, baking, decorating, Christmas lights, carolling.

9 things you say to your kids: "Just wait, dinner is almost done" "Duuuude!" "Sh-sh-sh-sh" "Is your homework done?" "Did you get your chores done?" "We all have to do our share, welcome to the family" "I almost died giving birth to you. I had to get a uterus transplant!!! My heart stopped 3 times on the table!" "Did you brush your teeth??"

10 things you do a lot: laundry, read, vaccuum, make dinner, blog, read blogs, dream, run to Walmart, dishes, ponder...

11 things you would rather not live without: Prayer, Gary, the kids, running water, laughter, my house, air conditioning, my computer, fresh air, books, Top Chef

12 people to tag: Crash, Carrie, Beth, Calico, Diane, JoNell, Kanoe, Life in the Highlands and Christina E, ....that'll have to do it.


mom said...

don't you mean that woadun "fweaked" you out? i love her speech too and i'll be sorry when she figures it out/grows out of it. when i was young they called that "talking dutchy" (don't ask me...i don't know why!)

The Crash Test Dummy said...

OMGOSH, I didnt' see that! I didn't. I didn't. I had my eyes closed. I know I did.

And I KNOW you never tagged me before. I looked through all of your archives and I know you were just trying to get me to look through your archives and read every single thing about you.

You are so dang cute and funny. You should be a shining star in the blog world by now.

I've been working on a tag post. Maybe you'll see it soon. But maybe not.

Mel said...

Moles fall into that so ugly they are cute category. Like possums. that's a very healthy mole. Zoe is a jewel!

I am LoW said...

Ma- How did I miss my oppurtunity to write fweaked?!

Crash- I swear on the dead ground mole that this is seriously the 3rd time I've tagged you. Seriously. But I can't wait to see what you have to say about tags. Cause I am starting to form a very serious opinion myself. :)

Mel- I admit, I was tempted to touch the nasty thing, seriously- the fur looked so soft! And clean??? What's with that? It's been living in the dirt but was so clean?! But I didn't. Just tempted. But I resisted. :)

aniC's spokesman said...

mwaaahahahahahHAAA!!! you totally fell for it!!