Board Game Musts for Christmas

I am a board game junkie and believe every year the family should get a new board game- according to moi. Like, if I was the Prez, I would write it into the Constitution or something.
Why? Because it's an instant party! Open up a game and I don't care what, I don't care who or when or where, you have a party then and there. And I do like a par-tay!
So if you decide to abide by the Christmas gift law of LoW, but don't know where to start, I'll help you out by rating the top 3 board games.... again, according to me.
Apples to Apples

This game was hard to get at one time. Glenn Beck talked it up and suddenly it was sold out and hard to find, this went on for about a year. AniC talked it up too, but I don't think her audience is as far reaching as his, so I don't know if I would blame her. Anyways, I pick Apples to Apples as a must have and as #3.
(coincidentally, I had an apple for breakfast this morning. I wish Gary was here to witness that, he would have been SO proud!)


Loaded Questions

Loaded Questions is so much fun. It was my number one until something new came in and booted it out of it's spot. This game asks questions and everyone playing answers by writing their response on paper and then it's guessed who said what. It's a great way to get to know people better and can even be played as an ice breaker and a way to get to know people in a way you never knew them before.

Ever since I wrote what I would make law if I was ever elected Prez, I've been thinking that actually- if I was Prez, I think this specific game would be required in every single home, by law. And when the law came to inspect your home to be sure you had the game, they would have to sing every word they wanted to communicate to you in Opera while holding both hands on their head like they've been super glued there and ending every sentence with the sound of a witch cackling.
This game is the best. Every crowd I have ever played it in has left complaining about their cheeks and head hurting because they laughed so hard.

What are your top 3 most fave board games?


Carrie Maseda said...
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Carrie Maseda said...

sooooooooooo just bought Curses for myself for Christmas, and I can't wait to get it! I also agree with you on Apples to Apples; we have had it for several years and love it! Cranium is also one of my all time favorites; we should all play it at a girls' night get together! :)

mom said...

i like dominoes, scrabble, rummikub, old maid, phase 10... and i LOVE to watch curses...but i'm lousy at playing it

aniC's spokesman said...

aniC wanted me to let you know that she deserves more credit for your game choices. she said that with out her you wouldn't be the curses fan that you are.
she also wanted to let you know her top games are phase 10, cranium, battleship, and apples to apples.

Beth said...

You know I am laughing right now picturing Carrie dancing every time she talked!!! I miss you!!

Cindy said...

I haven't ever played the second game, I'll have to give it a shot. Games are so fun at holidays with family.

I am LoW said...

Carrie- I still don't own the game! haha I am still using my... uh.. illegal version. Ooops. But I will buy it one day!!

Ma- I forgot about Phase 10, I also love it. Old Maid is hilarious when I watch my kids play. I can't say I enjoy playing it now...But I realize I am all about the games that involve chatter.

AniC's spokesperson- I thought about it, but since me giving AniC credit was not enough for the Sonic commercial I figured why bother now.

Beth- I agree, that's one of my favorite Curses memories, Carrie doing the John Travolta while talking... and holding back on the talking just so she wouldn't have to dance. haha

Cindy- Amen. And really, Loaded Questions is SO good, worth buying your husband for Christmas. :)

Dicebay said...

Duck Duck Go! So cute!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

YAY! High Five. I totally agree about the board games. I'm so going to go buy these. I already have Apples to Apples and love it.

Thanks for the tips. And it's so fun to see all of your comments.

mom said...

oh, yeah...i forgot chinese checkers!

dar said...

I like the 3 you have mentioned, phase 10, scrabble, and blokus. although I sure miss the pictionary days.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Curses is hard to find. I'm still looking.

I love TABOO! And Apples to Apples.

I am LoW said...

Dar- I've never played Blokus, I'll have to check it out. And pictionary... have you seen the game with the white plastic guy that you draw on him, kinda like pictionary? Interesting...

Crash- I've only found Curses online so far, but I am in a small town. I hope you find it!

I don't know if I've played Taboo....