RIP Egg Baby

Rae loved that egg that she called her baby.
She made her a nice little cozy home and decorated it.

And you've seen in previous pictures that she protected it, and took it places.
(helloooo.... Bethlehem)
But Monday was the last day of being that eggs mommy.
So she took her egg baby to work. (school)

And she gave it one last kiss.

And threw it in the garbage, with all the other egg babies.
She wanted to crack it and smash it, but the teacher wouldn't let them because it would be more work for the janitor. "Lame" said Rae.


Mel said...


mom said...

it sounds like she did everything eggzactly right and was a good eggzample of surrogate motherhood.

Carrie Maseda said...

It makes me sad to see the little egg baby go; it makes me even sadder that Nolan didn't get the pleasure of frying that baby up! :)

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Good for teacher. That would be kinda like egg abortion. :)