To My Fellow American Friends

Dear American,

I hope this letter finds you well and voting. I voted today with my husband. As we stood in line he turned to me and said, "Do you feel super American today?" And I did. I looked around and felt like everyone standing in line with me represented America beautifully. The place was filled with America! I could see men in uniform; One man was in the Army (Airborne! Oo-Rah!), there was an EMT, a Sheriff, Jose the city water guy, and a fireman. I saw people of all ages and races. I saw men in hunting camo and men in hip-hop clothing and men in ties. I saw a man carrying his motorcycle helmet with the words, "Crashing Stinks" on it. (it didn't really say stinks, I had to change that to keep things rated G) There were women too, they just didn't happen to be in different uniforms or carrying motorcycle helmets, where I was, at the time. The lines were ridiculously long and all the voters around me talked about how we are pretty sure there were more voting booths in years past. What's up with that? But it gave us something to discuss with our voting neighbors. At one point I heard a group behind me asking for a chair for an elderly man who was having a hard time standing. Then everyone insisted he go to the front of the line. He didn't want to step ahead of everyone but he finally did.

Obviously we were not all unified in our vote, but we were unified in voting. And that to me was not only awesome but awesomely American.

Lo W


mom said...

it's a blessing to vote! one lady looked so bad...said she had a temp of 101 but wouldn't miss her chance to vote. lines not as bad as when i lived in dallas and waited 3-4 hours with 4 kids in tow. i brought a book but didn't even get a chance to open it (c:

dar said...

maybe I should bring a chair with me...