It's Like Magic

I've shared, with you all, our most beautiful 'mountain stream' that flows through our Low Country backyard. I've told you all about how very much my children love it, how if we ever ditched the ditch, er- I mean our mountain stream, with a culvert, the kids would never forgive us.

Not even if we put a swing set back there. Or a trampoline. But maybe a pool, says Zoe.

But it's not just the fishing and other games that make the backyard magic.

There is something else.

See if you can find it....

Did you guess this secret entryway that's in our fence?

Practically every Saturday a boy- whose age is right smack dab in the middle of Naomi and Zoe's age-- comes through that secret entryway to play with my girls- it's like magic.

He doesn't appear in the middle of the week, during the hustle and bustle of homework and gymnastics and other weekday activies.

He comes on Saturday.

The most perfect day for a magical entryway to produce a playmate.

So on Monday, if you ever wonder who that boy is that shows up on my blog with my girls.

Well, you may not ever know who he is.... but at least you know from whence he came.


a person who thinks your wittle baby sister is cool said...

when are you going to do another post about your wittle baby sister? those posts are good!

I am LoW said...

Anitra- give me some ideas... I haven't been able to think of anything lately.... ;-)