One Fine Fall Day

Saturday evening I found a note on my pillow from Naomi (that I should have scanned). It read-
Dear Mom,
I love you! Thank you for letting us go to DQ (Dairy Queen). I love the Oreo Brownie Earthquake. I liked playing outside! I liked the weather. So fall like, don't you think? The wind was cold!
Your daughter, Naomi
It was a great day. Among other things I found my two youngest outside like this-
And I thought, 'Oh no! Zoe has another splinter...' (because she's a bear when she has a splinter) but it turned out they were playing one of those games; 'What fingers tickles the most?'- 'which part of the finger hurts the most when I pinch it?'- 'Think of a number from one to five'.
Later I found them here, saying with hand motions...





Earth... Wind... Fire...

Catch my drift?

Then Naomi had a run in with an ant hill. The fire ant kind. So here she is making sure she got them all out of her boots.

Tomorrow I will share with you a photo idea must, for those of you with children about the age of these two.

As I see it anyways.

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Mel said...

Wait! You have new pictures!!!! Is the computer fixed?!?!?! Or are you posting from a friend's computer?!?!?!?!