Nolan for Prez!

Last night it was Nolan's turn to do Family Home Evening. He always comes up with something out of the ordinary.
You know that game, where someone starts a story and every minute or so you pass the story to someone else to add to the story, and so on and so on?
That's what he did, except it was comic strips.

He started every comic strip and then we all added a square or two until our time was up, then passed it on.

(Nolan is not posing here)
(Just kidding, he totally is)

It was very entertaining, what we came up with.

We chose the winning comic....

It's the one pictured right above....

This one...

On the right....

The one Nolan is reading.....

(Okay, okay, I should have scanned it. I was busy talking while my friend had me over to blog at her house...)

Nolan started the comic as him running for Prez with Jessica Alba as his Vice (she's the Jessica he was referring to in his First Kiss Video) and they win. Then he blows up some country as Prez, but we won't go there. Then it's Rae's turn to add to it, and she has the Vice President... well.... let's just say she's dies; Because you know, she's trying to get at her brother. Then it was passed to me and I had the Prez VETO the death of the Vice Prez (cause it's a comic and you can do that, right?). Then it was passed to Zoe and she had the Prez and the Vice get married with a cute picture of a bride and groom and has the words "You may kiss the bride" written.


And then the paper went to Naomi and she had the words "YUCK! He is bad at kissing!" with a picture of him frowning.

And there you have it, another friendly family night of love and encouragement and wholesome kindness at LoW's house.

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