Halloween Countdown- 7 More Days

Seven more days 'til Halloween....
And a Pumpkin Cake with Seven layers.

I made lunch for 30-something women at the beginning of this month-

and this was dessert.

A Seven Layer Pumpkin cake and Pumpkin-Spiced Gingersnap Truffles.

Using this simple idea of sprinkling confectioners sugar atop with fall leaves leaving a print, to make it more festive.

My favorite Holiday is Thanksgiving so I think I love Halloween most because it means Thanksgiving is next. And because costumes are so totally awesome, of course!!


Gary and I have our own bathroom that we like to keep for ourselves and Rae has been coming up with excuses a lot lately to use ours. Last night the excuse was that she and Nolan just watched a scary CSI and there was a man that wore a spooky mask so can she please please please bathe in my bathroom since I am close.

Then I said, "But my bathroom has a window and yours does not, that's way more scary."

Is that bad? That a mother would try to scare her daughter even more? To keep her from using her bathroom?

Don't answer that.


The Crash Test Dummy said...

That is waaaaay bad. (oops, I wasn't s'pose to answer that.

Nice pumpkin cake. Is it sitting on potatoes?

dar said...

that cake looks super yummy and what a creative and simple way to decorate the top.

I have been having scrary dreams lately from watching csi, can I use your bathroom too?

Carrie Maseda said...

Okay girl, I soooooo want the recipe for the cake and the truffles; they were delicious! My only regret was not snagging some of the truffles to take home!

Piko and Kanoe sitting in a tree. . . said...

That pumpkin layer cake looks so good. I love the leaf design on top.

The things kids do to get in your space. . . and the things we parents do to keep them out so we have some peace! Ha!!!

I am LoW said...

CTD- Potatoes?!?! :-P~~

Thanks Dar- and I'm surprised you watch CSI for that very reason. :)

Carrie- I'll share. I was totally going to post recipes but they only give me 30 minutes at the library. Humpf!

Kanoe- Thanks. And isn't that the truth!! :)