A couple of months ago my stake was having a Super Saturday with the stake I grew up in and that most of my family still belong to. My brother is the one with a calling that might of meant he needed to attend. I kept encouraging it but it wasn't sounding likely.

After living out of state for so lonh, it is beyond exciting to me that I could be at a church event with family.

And how fun is it when 2 worlds collide. Family world, meet church world. Right??

I pretty much lost hope of seeing family at the event.

But as I was going about my business that day, without a thought of seeing family, my sister walks in. WHAT?!?! Took me by surprise, fo sho!!

My 2 daughters too. They were SO excited to see Aunt E.

It was super great fun having church people meet my family person and vice versa. And ridiculously fun trying to take pictures with my kids in the background slyly.

Of course we are too big and loud to do anything sly.

Look at Zoe busting us.

We tried though. And it was fun.

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