My two youngest and I survived trek! My second, their first. 
(the picture posted is from last trek, waiting for the pictures from this one...)

Day 1, Zoe found a tick on her leg. Day 2, Naomi found one on her shoulder. Day 3, it was my turn but Zoe said, "I volunteer as tribute!" and she found another. Same leg. 

Knocking on wood!!! I have been in many situations that people all around me are finding ticks on them but somehow, I don't end up with one. Never have.

Mind you, I have about 50-something bug bites itching on my body right now. In all sorts of places. 

Anyways, we survived!! The girls loved it!!! I can't wait to share their pictures. 

(girls camp in 2 weeks! Eeek!!)

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