Meet Mr. and Mrs.

Meet Mrs. Christensen and her HUSBAND.


Do they look HAPPY or what??

It was so sweet, she was SO excited, not a bit of doubt or nervousness about her decision. She just kept saying, "He is the most handsome man I have ever laid eyes on. I love him, Mom!"

I didn't see any signs of anything different from him.

We have just had a few pictures trickle in from the photographer.

I look forward to the reception pictures, and may I say, it turned out EXACTLY as I dreamt it would. I planned most of it on my own, and I saved some for Rae to make decisions on because she has a good eye for certain things and it was JUST as I dreamed it would be. And Rae thought it was lovely and beautiful, just as I hoped.

I have no words for the relief of having it done and I am hopeful that the next one won't feel as stressful, now that I am experienced. :)

What next? Grand-babies!!!  

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