The Good and the Bad

Tuesday was a bad day. No, scratch that, it was a good day that felt bad for a while but it was actually good in the end. But I felt bad.

It was Zoe's 14th birthday (good!), she didn't ask for much, just a Mariachi Band to sing to her (she was kidding), a hoodie with a super hero or no logo at all, books, a bow and arrow, and for me to make her pancakes for breakfast. 

Well I set my alarm (which I normally wouldn't even need to do) but still woke up an hour late (whaaaa?!?!?!). By the time I woke up Gary had already taken Zoe to school. No pancakes and no morning birthday love from me. (I had imagined Gary and I were going to wake her up by softly singing happy birthday to her.) (Gary didn't know that plan though.)

That along with a bad news email first thing in the morning AND THEN not being able to find ANY hoodies of any kind, realizing I had no idea what book to get her and no bows are arrows to be found. The day seemed to get more and more frustrating. 

Then I picked her up and her day at school wasn't good either. Kids were being rude and grumpy and would hear that it was her birthday and suddenly put on a fake smile and try to fake be nice (her words), leaving her wondering why they couldn't just be nice period. 

Thankfully after picking her up, we got Naomi who was the sunshine our day needed. She came into the car with a smile on her face and asked Zoe if she's ever gotten a bunch of birthday cards from strangers, as she pulled out a bunch from friends at school. Zoe giggled with tears in her eyes. Our day was turned around!!! At last!! As it needed to be!

Zoe ended up getting 2 dresses that she liked, and a membership to puzilla.org which was the only thing I pulled off that she really wanted, some cute notecards and Gary picked out a blow gun (since we couldn't find bows and arrows) and it was a hit!!

Gary even showed her how it worked and shot it into MY FAMILY ROOM WALL. 

Oh, how grateful I am that her birthday turned around. 

And she's 14!!!! 

The next day (yesterday) was my anniversary. It was the complete opposite of the day before, and the opposite of last years 25th anniversary. (sad) It was PERFECT. Everything went so smoothly. Felt good, Felt right.

We left the house around 10am, Nolan was off work to take care of house and home and girls. We had the best lunch ever. The best conversation. The best dessert. Killed time at the mall then went to the movie, saw McFarland, USA, had the theater to ourselves. It was great. My date was great. 

The day ended on a sad note when I learned a young friend is giving up on her marriage. I thought all day about my 26 years. I thought about the times early on when I wasn't so sure we'd work things out. We never had anything huge to work out but it was still really hard. But it got better. We hung in there and created this beautiful loving relationship. I am so grateful that neither of us gave up on the other. 

We hung in there and never quit and it was worth it!! 

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