When Teens Color Da Easter Eggs

Naomi and Zoe went back to school today. Spring Break is no more. But we are that much closer to summer vacation! In the words of Zoe- Woot!

Easter was great. The two left at home insisted on coloring eggs and even had me hide them. It was humorous because they went into their room while I hid them. When they came out to look, they stood in the middle of the family room (it was raining, so it had to be done indoors), they turned around and saw that they could see no eggs when just standing there. Naomi said, "Oh, this is a REAL hunt." haha!

They found all but one. We'll discover it in about 6 months. :)

Here are their eggs.

Harry Potter, which looks oddly like a Weeble Wobble, which totally went over my childrens head when I told them so. Zoe is in a huge Harry Potter phase, chompin' at the bit to get at the last one and pinning HP stuff like crazy in Pinterest.

Poseidon per Naomi. She's been in a huge Percy Jackson kick for a couple of years. She has even read the series aloud to Zoe. For a year now she reads to Zoe every night before bed. How stinkin' sweet is that?

Percy and Annabeth.


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