Kids say the darndest things, do they not?
Here are a few of the latest.
Naomi asked me if it was okay to have a favorite sibling. I said, "Sure, I have a favorite child." She asked if it was her and I replied, "Of course!" THEN I asked her who was her favorite parent. A-ha!! Got her!

She said, "Heavenly Father".

Zoe recently informed me that she didn't just love me, she also LIKES me! (awesome!)
When Nom i (trying to remember to leave off the A, she wants to go by Nomi again)was sharing her love for jazz music with me and I told her I saw Ella Fitzgerald perform when I was young, she said, "And you didn't invite me?"

 Every time Rae and I are getting off the phone, she ends with, "Okay, well, I guess I'll see you in October."

(which is true, that is when she comes back to visit. but she acts like that is when we will speak again. psh-sh-sh)

And lastly a text conversation between Nolan and I-

"Are you doing okay?"
him "Why do you ask?"

me "Why do you not answer?"
him "Ugh, I am fine"

me "Sorry, thought we were playing the question game"
him "The way you asked is off putting, it sounds like something you would ask someone with cancer or someone going through a divorce."

(This I did not know. Now I gotta find the correct way of asking him how he is doing.)

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