Breaking Bad Habits

(photo from google image)
I need a new rubberband. Mine broke, the one I was using to keep me aware of the habit I am trying to break. You see, I have a problem with interrupting people. I am sure I have since the beginning of my speaking days and I am not sure why it took so long (for goodness sake, I am 44!) to realize the rude habit I have, but it did, and when I realized it hit me right in the gut.

So I resorted to something I did in my high school days when I wanted to stop saying certain words I was in the habit of saying- I put a rubber band around my wrist and popped myself every time I slipped. It works! I have no idea what psychologists and wanna-be psychologists have to say about this method but I like it. Like may not be the right word. I appreciate it.

So I had my rubber band for about a week and saw much improvement. And then it was gone. But I still had the idea in my mind so I was doing okay. But then I realized the other day that I am not there yet.
So I am back to looking for a good wrist popping rubber band.

For I WILL break this habit.

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