Thank You, Modern Technology

December 31st, 2013 I had not one but two move up and out. One to SLC and the other to I-dee- ho.
Rae calls daily and we have been able to video chat several times. Nolan on the other hand has been not as communicative. FINALLY, at last, I got to see his face! (and he got to see his face, as in, I could tell he was checking himself out the whole time) We even had a 3 way video chat going on for most of the time. (Rae was checking herself out the whole time too)

When it was dinner time and Nolan and Rae weren't ready to end the conversation yet, we just set the computer where Nolan usually sits at the table and blessed the food and carried on as though they were still home. Nolan kept saying, "this is weird" but that is normal too.
I just have 2 at home now. It is weird. It is good. I am enjoying this dynamic and missing how it use to be. So very bittersweet.

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