Yesterday was their first day of school. Another first day down.

As you can see, they were not thrilled. Zoe said she wasn't sure she'd be able to pull off a smile but forced on anyways, Naomi couldn't even look at me. They were pretty grumpy about school being back in. I hope the first day isn't an indicator of how the year will go.

Both girls got their schedules last week and met their teachers at open house only to of had their schedules changed with no notice. They dealt with mass confusion on day 1. Which is extra sad since it was Naomi's first day of high school and she was plenty nervous enough.

The night before Naomi got some pretty solid advice from Nolan and Rae about High School. Rae told Naomi to do her best in seminary and to be nice to everyone, teachers included. Nolan told her that everything the old folks say is true, do your best or you'll regret it. He also said that the cool group doesn't matter after high school so she shouldn't let it matter now. He advised her to join any club or group she wants to and not let others tell her that club isn't cool.

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