Why I Stopped. Why I Started.

Just in case you were wondering.

I stopped blogging because I got super busy. Not to glorify busy because quite frankly I don't find anything wonderful about busy. And it wasn't really that I never had time exactly as much as my mind needed to have less to think about. Secondly my kids kept complaining about any event becoming a blog post. And lastly because my camera broke and in all seriousness, I think a blog without picture is boring. (but I can read a book without pictures. Promise.)

I started blogging again because the reason I started in the first place was to (sorry but it's true) "count my blessings". And I NEEDED to count my blessings. I started when I was dealing with the pretty crummy things that I never shared NOT to make my life sound great and wonderful (as I have heard it said) and tell a lie, but because I needed to find the good in each day. And if I had to post daily (my goal was Mon-Fri) then I had to find the beauty in each day. It was like therapy. Now I think I can check myself out of therapy but heavens, we can always use counting blessings in our life. Secondly, I kept catching Naomi and Zoe looking at old posts and they would share funny things they had read that I didn't even remember. What a shame that I had forgotten, and how great that they could go back. So what have I missed blogging this past year or so that I have forgotten? That makes me sad! And thirdly, even though I still don't have a camera, I do have a lame one on my dumb phone.

So even though this picture of Naomi's All Girl All State Choir are of super duper poor quality, as evident below, at least there are picture.


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Mamafamilias said...

I think the back to blogging bug bit us all at the same time. Glad to see yours here. I'm with you on the picture thing. And blogging really is a good journal.