Bucket List

When did kids start writing bucket lists? I am much closer to kicking the bucket and I don't have one and yet my 11 and 13 year old do. (Zoe also has a hate list, not sure why and where that came from).... (not of people, of things)..... (it was all understandable things)

Naomi's Bucket List (exactly as written)
Ride a really scary roller coaster
Go to some concert
Have better pendmenship
Become a cosmotologist
Do ALL my splits, somehow
Get a cuddly cat
Travel outside the US
Eat Russian food
Invent a word that makes it in the dictionary
Marriage in the temple
Eat a super awesome Banana Split
Go to Universal Studios
Go on a cruise
Take dance classes
Go to the Capitol
Get a massage person
Meet someone famous
Volunteer at a senior citizen's thingy
Win a contest
Be "Catherine Obvious" for a day
become a dancer

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