Can't We Not All Relate?

I wasn't prepared for the aggravation of hungry kids when I became a mom. It is NONSTOP.

What is crazy is my youngest is 11 and if my kids are hungry and it's not dinner time, the kids still act as though their hunger is my problem. As though it's the biggest mystery (what to eat?) can only be solved by the momma.

And don't get me started on kids asking what's for dinner before they even eat breakfast.

I can't even handle asnwering that question. As a matter of fact, this conversation can be heard every day at my house-

"What's for dinner?"

"Food", I say.

"What kinda of food?" they ask.

"The kind you eat."

Because I just KNOW that no matter what I say, at least one of the kids will suck their teeth and roll their eyes about what's for dinner and I just can't handle that either.

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dar said...

sosososo sososo true